5 Steps to Organizing Your Shed

Sheds and metal enclosed garages are a blessing and a curse! The garage stands to protect your car from the elements – keeping it dry from rain and snow -while in the case of a wooden shed, it’s a prime storage space for all of life’s extras.

Without space in an attached garage, wooden sheds are the catch-all for tools, lawn equipment, outdoor furniture, kids’ toys, etc. But, over time, those wooden sheds and metal garages start taking on more and more of your stuff (also read as junk.) Kid’s old, unused toys start piling up, outdated decorations make their way there, and the piles of unorganized tools seem endless.

It’s time to take back the use and functionality of your shed with a spring makeover! Here are some tips to help you clear the clutter and organize what’s left:
– Before reorganizing, take everything out of the shed or garage so you can start with a clean slate.
– Next, decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away.
– Group like items together so they’re easy to find. For example, build a tool workbench, designate a shelf for extra pantry items like toilet paper or drinks, and organize the kid’s toys to allow for easy access.
– Use as much vertical and ceiling space as possible. For example, those beach chairs and sand toys that only get used one week out of each year – get them up and out of the way to make room for the things you need to access often, like the lawnmower.
– Finally, label everything! This will ensure everything is returned to the proper spot and will keep things organized longer.

Has this inspired you to transform the mess that is your wooden shed or metal garage into a usable space again? Spring is the perfect time, so head out there and get started!

Customizing Your Metal Garage or Carport

aluminum carportsLet’s be honest – not all metal garages and RV carports are created equal. What works best for one person may not be ideal for another. Because of this, in order to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, we specialize in custom built metal garages and RV carports.

Whether you’re in the market for a custom designed metal carport cover for your vehicle, your RV camper or both, we can help. These custom buildings are perfect for keeping your car or RV in top condition, protecting it from wind, rain, snow and UV damage.

If you own an RV you’ve sank a good amount of money into your purchase. It wouldn’t make for a wise investment to leave in outdoors. RV carports are perfect for blocking ultra violet rays that can cause severe fading of a motorhome’s paint finish. With a custom-built metal cover, you’ll be choosing a structure and materiel that offers strength, durability, and natural resistance against fungal decay and termite damage.

When you’re ready to invest in a car port, there a few questions you’ll need to consider and have answer for in order for us to outfit you with the perfect custom covering.

First – What width, length and side height are you looking for?
Second – Budget. Have an idea how much you are comfortable spending.
Third – What surface is it going on: dirt, concrete, blacktop, gravel, etc.?
We guarantee our portable buildings with a 5-year workmanship warranty. This means you can expect your RV carport to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Contact us today to learn more about custom built metal garages and RV carports.


Carport: A Great Investment

Do you park your car outside? Do you not have a garage, or is it so full of storage, tools or equipment that you can no longer park your vehicle inside? If the answer is yes, you park your car on the road or on an uncovered driveway then it’s time to consider a carport.

Far too many people are leaving one of their biggest investments exposed to the elements for long periods of time, allowing rain, snow, hail, and other inclement weather – as well as animals and tree branches or other debris to damage it.

Protect your investment in your vehicle and reduce the likelihood of wear, tear and damage to it. Whether you need a structure for one car or three, a metal carport is a wise investment for several reasons.

Protect your vehicle from weather damage. When you’re parking your car under a tree or out in the open, rain, snow, ice, and the normal heat and light of the sun can cause extensive damage to your car over time.

Extra security and convenience. With optional lighting installed inside the carport, you will have an added measure of security for your vehicles, as well as yourself. A carport that extends to one of your homes’ doors will also make unloading groceries that much easier.

Added value to your home.  A well designed and high quality carport will be a financial asset to your home and a draw for future buyers.

For more information on metal carports in Louisiana, or to request a quote, visit our website at or call us today!

We service the following cities and small towns in Louisiana;

Abbeville, LA, Alexandria, LA, Baker, LA, Bastrop, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Bayou Cane, LA, Bogalusa, LA, Bossier City, LA, Breaux Bridge, LA, Bunkie, LA, Chalmette, LA, Claiborne, LA, Clinton, LA, Covington, LA, Crowley, LA, Deridder, LA, Denham Springs, LA, Estelle, LA, Eunice, LA, Gonzales, LA, Gretna, LA, Hammond, LA, Harahan, LA, Harvey, LA, Houma, LA, Jackson, LA, Jefferson, LA, Jennings, LA, Kenner, LA, Lafayette, LA, Lake Charles, LA, Laplace, LA,  Luling, LA, Mandeville, LA, Marksville, LA, Metarie, LA, Monroe, LA, Morgan City, LA, Natchitoches, LA, New Iberia, LA, New Orleans, LA, Opelousas, LA, Pineville, LA, Plaquemine, LA, Raceland, LA, River Ridge, LA, Ruston, LA, Scott, LA, Shenandoah, LA, Shreveport, LA, Slidell, LA, St. Francisville, LA, St. Amant, LA, Sulphur, LA, Terrytown, LA, Thibodaux, LA, Timberlane, LA, Ville Platte, LA, West Monroe, LA, Woodmere, LA, Zachary, LA, and many more too numerous to list.

Is Your RV Ready for the Road?

The best time of the year for your camper is almost here: Spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the temperatures are starting to rise. Winter will be over soon enough, which means it’s time to prepare your RV for the open road!

She’s been safely stored under your metal RV carport during these cold months. It’s time to open her up, clean her up, fine tune her and get her ready for some new family adventures. Follow these simple steps in order to get your camper ready for the months ahead so that you can enjoy your camper without any issues arising.

Check the exterior – It’s not uncommon to find a water leak after the winter months. Check your roof and all the caulking around the windows, vents, air conditioners, and doors to make sure there are no cracks or missing caulk.

Charge the battery – Charge the battery completely. Also, make sure to check the water level in your battery and inspect the exterior. In the event it froze over the winter the outside may be cracked and the battery should be replaced.

Check the tires – Inspect your tires for sidewall cracks or cracks between the treads and replace the tire if you find any. Also, check the tire pressure.

Inspect the dump hoses – Sewer hoses have a limited lifespan. Inspect your sewer hose for any tears or holes before using it.

Clean your appliances – Inspect all appliances, including the outside access covers for your water heater and refrigerator for debris like spider webs, nests, dead insects or small critters.

With your checks complete, you’re ready to roll. Be safe and have a great camping season!

Aluminum RV Carports from New Deal Metal Buildings

aluminum carportsAt New Deal Metal Buildings in Denham Springs, Louisiana, our sales staff is committed to delivering the leading standard of service throughout every phase of your purchase and installation processes. We guarantee the quality and durability of all our buildings and stand behind our promise to you — we will deliver to you quality products that are free from defects.

With skilled craftsmanship and superior workmanship you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best. You will not find aluminum RV carports of a higher quality for a better price than right here!


One feature we are proud to offer that sets us apart from the rest of the imitators is our rent-to-own setup for our aluminum carports and other quality structures. Rent-to-own was something we worked on establishing to provide customers an alternative to commercial storage.

With low monthly payments you get the storage areas you need like with other commercial storage centers, but your payments each month are allowing you to slowly pay off the shed, carport, or camper cover so that it will one day be totally yours! If your building is no longer needed or the payments ever become a financial burden, just call us and we will pick it up and your payments will stop — all without any dings on your credit history.

Please ask your local dealer for details on our rent-to-own plan, or call our main office at (225) 791-7752. Contact us for metal garages in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs. Prices vary depending on the size of the structure needed, and other variables we will be happy to discuss with you in detail. So don’t put it off, get the aluminum carport, canopy, or storage shed you have been wanting — without breaking the bank or damaging your credit!

How to Choose the Right Carport

metal carports in LouisianaA carport can be a very useful addition to your home as it will protect your car, boat or RV from being damaged by rain, sleet, snow, hail or UV rays. There are several factors to consider before purchasing a carport so you get exactly what you want and need. Here are some things to consider.

Carport Material

Carports come in aluminum, wood and metal. Wood is attractive, but has issues like rot and insect damage. Aluminum and metal are not affected by insects, are strong and stand up to the elements very well. To help you decide, contact a company that offers either aluminum or metal carports in Louisiana to discuss your options.


Decide how you will use the carport, especially if that is something besides car storage. Carports are versatile and can be used for entertaining, shelter for animals, or storage for lawn mowers, tractors, hay bales, and ATVs.

Building Permit

Find out if a building permit is required or local ordinances are in place that needs to be satisfied. Sometimes there are regulations that limit the size and location of the addition, like not being within a certain number of feet from the property line. Sometimes an inspection may be required after it is installed.


Since a carport is difficult to move, make sure you know exactly where it will be most useful. Before installation, know where underground cables and pipes are located. Make sure the carport will be on your property and is placed according to local ordinances.


Take a little time to think about the size you will need. Even if you have one car now, you may have two later on so think about the future. Width is typically 12 feet for one car and goes up to 30 feet for three cars. Length for one car starts out at 21 feet. For a boat, RV, camper, etc., a good rule of thumb is allowing 5 feet beyond the length of the vehicle.

If you are in need of aluminum or metal carports in Louisiana, New Deal Metal Buildings has a great selection for you to choose from. Visit to request a quote on your very own carport, garage, or other building today.

Advantages of Metal Buildings

metal buildings in LouisianaIf you are a homeowner and you want a shed, carport, or garage, you have several options. One of them is the construction material, which can be wood or metal. You can learn about other options, like size and style, by contacting a company that sells wood and metal buildings in Louisiana. Here are some advantages of choosing metal.

Speedy Construction

Since metal buildings are built in factories and assembled at the site, they are ready to use quicker than other types of buildings. On-site construction can be delayed due to weather but that is not a problem in a factory.

Few Repairs

Metal buildings last a long time because they are sturdy and harder to damage. This means there will be few repairs needed on a metal building compared to other buildings. Also, each section is inspected before it leaves the factory, so this ensures quality.

Sustainable and Recyclable

Metal lasts a long time and when the building needs replacing, the old metal can be recycled. There is not a lot of energy needed to make metal, especially if some of it is being recycled. Very little maintenance is required for metal buildings and this plus longevity and the energy used in manufacturing ads to its sustainability.

Helps the Foundation Last Longer

Because metal is so strong, less is needed to make the framework. This makes metal buildings lighter than wood and that means the foundation will have less weight on it. There will be less settling over time and the chance of foundation cracks or crumbling is much less.

Resistant to Pests, Fire, and Weather

Pests will never damage a metal building because it is not organic. If you live in an area where there is drought or wildfires, you will not have to worry about a fire. In areas with tornadoes and hurricanes, metal buildings will outlast many other types of buildings and are often used as shelters.

Trust New Deal Metal Buildings for strong, high-quality metal buildings in Louisiana and surrounding areas. Contact us today online or by phone at (225) 791-7752.

Protect Your Assets with New Deal Metal Buildings Today

metal rv carportsFor over 40 years, New Deal Metal Buildings has provided business and homeowners with quality metal buildings, metal storage sheds, and metal RV carports. Protect your assets with our long-lasting metal structures. Our metal structures are capable of withstanding against harsh environments and are ideal for areas with very damaging weather and windstorms. People are sometimes wary of portable metal structures, thinking they are flimsy or lack attention to detail. However, when constructed with proper materials and by seasoned experts, metal storage buildings, sheds, and barns have the strength to last through the most damaging conditions brought on by hurricanes, tropical storms, and other severe thunderstorms.

Along with the tensile strength provided by these structures, metal garages, metal RV carports, and other metal buildings have many other qualities customers find useful. Leaving cars, RVs and other assets out without proper cover can cause fading and other damage to finishes over time. Metal carports and storage sheds provide efficient coverage to block harsh sunlight and the elements.

Whether the weather brings rain, hail, sleet, or snow, make sure your assets are efficiently covered.  Don’t let fallen tree branches, or heavy windows damage your vehicles, and get a metal carport, barn, or storage shed from New Deal Metal Buildings. In addition to great protection, New Deal Metal Buildings’ storage options provide a unique addition to any property and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Shop our selection today.

Metal Garages in Shreveport, Louisiana

If you are looking for a source for metal garages in Shreveport, Louisiana, visit New Deal Metal Buildings. We specialize in metal garages, carports, and RV covers, and our years of experience in the industry guarantees that we'll be able to help you find the right metal garages to suit your specific needs. Our metal buildings are designed for a broad range of residential and commercial applications and are known to be able to withstand just about any weather condition, including tornadoes and hurricanes. What this means is peace of mind knowing your property is safe and secure.

Available in a Variety of Sizes
Our Shreveport metal garages are available in several sizes, which makes it possible for us to custom fit a garage to suit your specific needs. Bottom line, we're your one stop shop for affordable metal garages in Shreveport, LA.

Cost Effective and Sustainable
Metal buildings are the most cost effective and sustainable buildings available. Saving money and energy are two benefits that any building owner would appreciate, and they are benefits that are enjoyed with metal buildings. Our cost effective and durable metal garages can also serve a variety of purposes for your home, business, or farm. They will show proof of their value because they'll stand up to years of use unlike wooden buildings. Not only are they more economical, they are also strong enough to stand up to any hazardous weather conditions. Bottom line, our metal garages in Shreveport and beyond, are a truly a cost effective, versatile, and maintenance free alternative to traditional garages while providing better dependable protection for your valuables.

Metal Garages vs. Traditional Construction
Not only are metal garages far less expensive than traditional construction; they can be installed in a much shorter amount of time.

Experience and Service You Can Trust
We are proud of the quality of the metal buildings we sell and our factory trained crew of contractors takes great pride in the work that they do. When you get your metal garage in Shreveport, Louisiana from New Deal Metal Buildings, you can look forward to a hassle free experience.

We invite you to visit our Denham Springs, LA facility to take a look at the metal garages and steel buildings that we can provide. If you can't stop by our brick and mortar site, take your time browsing through our website and click on the "Products" button to find out more about all the metal building options that we carry.

New Deal Metal Buildings specializes in delivering high quality metal garages in Shreveport and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a high quality metal garage at a great price, call us today at 225-791-7752. If you'd like a quote on one of our metal garages in Shreveport, click here and we'll help you choose affordable protection for your vehicles and any other property you need to protect.

Additional Louisiana cities we service include Ruston, Coushatta, Mansfield, Farmerville, Homer, Minden, Bossier City, Benton, Jonesboro and the southeast region of the United States.

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Can Metal Carports Withstand Hurricanes?

Metal Carport - Dual with Car ParkedThis is a question you should consider if you live somewhere that’s prone to seasonal hurricanes, straight line wind storms, and other destructive wind forces. If you ignore the possibility of the damage that can be done not only to either your metal building, garage, barn, or RV cover, then consider the items you have stored inside them. A building designed by a licensed engineer to meet a specific wind load in your area will be your best bet.

Eagle Carport CoverHurricanes are classified (1 through 5) by their sustained wind speeds, using the "Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale", which assesses the potential risk of property damage. Hurricanes that reach a category 3 status and higher are considered major hurricanes due to the risk of significant property damage and loss of life. The sustained wind rate for a category 3 is between 111 and 129 mph, category, 4 between 130 and 156 mph and category 5 between 157 and higher mph. One of the greatest advantages of certified metal buildings is that they are built to last. Certified metal RV carport covers are designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions. When category 3, 4 and 5 hurricanes hit your property, the best thing you can do is to have your metal building built to meet the highest wind ratings possible.

Who is at risk for a direct hit from a hurricane?
Those that are most likely to get hit by a major hurricane live in locations that include coastal areas like Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida on the Atlantic eastern seaboard and those living along the Gulf Coast including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Continental US Hurricane Strikes

Click here for more information regarding coastal and inland population percentages.

Carports - Hurricane Chart

Click here for more information about Inland Hurricane risks.

Hurricane Proof Metal CarportIt's not just the coastal areas that can be devastated by hurricanes either. History has consistently demonstrated that hurricanes can deeply penetrate inland as far as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and even Kentucky causing significant losses. The remnants (storms) of hurricanes can actually travel hundreds of miles after landfall and can re-intensify after transitioning into tropical cyclones or even merge with pre-existing storms. An interesting fact is that over 50% of the population in the United States live within fifty miles of the coast and nearly 40% of the population live in counties and parishes located directly on the shoreline. What this means is that both coastal and inland residents would greatly benefit from a metal carport cover that has been built to either meet or exceed local building codes.

What sets certified metal carport covers apart from an uncertified metalmetal buildings, metal garage kits, metal garage prices carport covers?

Trio Metal GarageNon-certified metal carports haven’t earned an engineer rating for snow and wind load. Certified carports are designed by professional engineers to stand up to specific snow and wind loads in a given area. Certified carport covers may be built with additional structural tubing and include superior secure anchoring systems with extra bracing, in addition to tighter screw pattern spacing. If the area you live in doesn’t require certification but is at risk of high winds or heavy snow, you're better off buying a certified metal carport. The peace of mind you'll experience by owning a certified garage or carport that's built to withstand the worst that Mother Nature throws at it is a fantastic feeling. While you'll pay a little more for a certified metal carport/garage, you'll also benefit from excellent value, a superior product and outstanding performance.

Where can I purchase a carport that will hold up the best?
Figuring out where to purchase a certified carport cover really comes down to common sense. First, look for dealers who have been in business for a substantial time (over 10 years). Next, confirm that they have access to structurally superior, sound metal buildings. Last but not least, find out if they have one of their own metal RV covers protecting their camper - if they do, it's a good sign that they have confidence in their metal RV carport covers.

New Deal Metal Garages

How can I be sure a metal building is built to certain wind ratings?
Ask the metal carport dealer you're considering for the engineer drawings that are stamped by the engineer licensed in the state the garage is being built in. A reputable dealer will be happy to provide these documents for you. If not, move on.

What size carports ideally hold up better in storms?
Ideally the smaller and lower the building, the less exposure to wind. That being said, if the metal carport isn't built properly, what size it is won’t matter. The location of the carport also needs to be taken into consideration. Look for possible wind breaks like tree lines, buildings, heavy vegetation, and rises in the landscape to build near.

RV Carport Interior

How often should I clean my steel carport cover to ensure longevity?
One of the advantages of owning a metal carport is how easy they are to maintain. If you keep up with maintenance, keeping an eye out for mildew and mold, you'll extend the life of your carport. Mildew and mold mitigation can be controlled with mild detergent cleaners. In more severe cases, you can clean your metal carport with a light Clorox solution mixed with a product called Jomax® which can be purchased at most retail outlets. Protecting your investment by performing regular maintenance will ensure years of reliable service.

What else can I do to improve the structural integrity once it’s built?
Invest in severe wind exposure add-ons like placing a twelve foot long “treated for ground contact” timber four feet in the ground next to each corner leg. Attach the timber to the leg with either metal strapping or a very long bolt and nut. This will keep the carport from “tweaking” to one side in high winds. For RV covers exceeding 25’ long, place a timber midway on each side as well.

Trio Garage - Open

How do I make the best buying decision as I shop for an engineered metal garage shelter?
Come up with a list of specific questions to ask the dealer you're researching. For instance, ask the dealer questions about braces, ground anchors or concrete anchors and the gauge of metal used in the frame. In addition, ask the metal carport dealer you’re considering for testimonials from past customers who have purchased buildings that have weathered hurricanes in the past.

When hurricanes strike, metal buildings are often the only ones that survive intact. If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes and other types of inclement weather, take the time to find out if the manufacturer has complied with local building codes and regulations prior to buying. It will ensure that your structure is built to handle local weather conditions.

Who do I trust for qualified guidance when designing my RV carport?

New Deal Metal Buildings DealershipNew Deal Metal Buildings. Locally owned and operated, the team is considered by many tocarport kits, carport canopy, metal carport, be the "carport guys", gurus in the industry whose past customers confidently refer their family and friends. When you buy your metal RV carport from us, you can rest assured that your building is designed to comply with your local codes for high winds and snow load conditions in your area.

Our certified metal RV carport covers provide shelter for your most valued property that will stand up to the country’s most hazardous weather conditions - a worthy investment.